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The Phoenix Ale Brewery Central Kitchen is the first restaurant collaboration between one of Arizona’s most beloved breweries,
The Phoenix Ale Brewery, and Rich Stark, formerly CEO of NYPD Pizza.

Founded in 2016, the restaurant is a celebration of craft beer and craft food, which is more than just a slogan.
It is the restaurant’s commitment to serving The Phoenix Ale Brewery’s top-notch local brews
and pairing them with one-of-a-kind dishes that make guests wonder why they ever settled for traditional pub fare.

On the menu, guests will find everything from new spins on pub classics –
such as pretzel bites and wings – to salads, sandwiches and burgers,
hearty comfort food entrees, our signature Black Iron Pizzas, and even
beer-infused desserts.

We offer a robust menu of beers, with 16 brews on tap at all times.
At Central Kitchen, there is something for everyone – even “Half Pints” (children)
– and our patio is dog friendly.

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We are delighted to serve up many distinct flavors at The Phoenix Ale Brewery Central Kitchen.
And best of all, our dishes have been created to pair perfectly with The Phoenix Ale Brewery’s beloved brews.
In fact, a third of our menu items include these tasty beers as an ingredient.

featured beers

Watermelon Ale
Watermelon Ale

Wheat beer with watermelon essence
added during fermentation in order to
give a very subtle, natural fruit taste.

4.8% ABV | 20 IBU

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Biltmore Blonde
Biltmore Blonde

Medium-bodied, straw-colored ale
with relatively low hop bitterness and a dry,
crisp finish which is more akin to a pale lager.

5.1% ABV | 15 IBU

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King George Amber
King George Amber

Brewed as a tribute to the late George Hancock
of The Phoenix Ale Brewery, this deep-colored
ale has a toasty malt taste and a mild hop
finish that is fit for a king.

5.2% ABV | 35 IBU

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Camelback IPA
Camelback IPA

English-style IPA with a good balance of
malts and dry hopped with Cascade hops,

6.1% ABV | 60 IBU

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Orange Peel IPA
Orange Peel IPA

West Coast-style IPA with lots of citrus-y hope
flavor which is dialed up by the addition
of sweet orange peel during the final minutes of
the boil. Higher hop bitterness, but surprisingly
refreshing for an IPA.

6.4% ABV | 67 IBU

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Ironwood Porter
Ironwood Porter

Well-balanced porter, malts up front and a
generous amount of hops on the back end.

7% ABV | 70 IBU

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