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Meet the Executive Chef - Brad Borchardt

The first part of Brad’s career was spent working with some of the best chefs in America and Europe, where he learned the classical approach to cuisine (Chef Daniel Boulud, Jordi Vica, Thomas Keller, Scott Bryan, Charlie Trotter etc). After 10 years, a shift in thinking began to push him in a new direction, which is when he met one of the patron saints of new world cuisine, Mark Miller. Under his tutelage, he began to learn the nuance and complexity of Latin and Asian cuisines; while being re-energized with new ideas and inspiration. His repertoire includes over 30 different types of dried and fresh chilies, as well as many new herbs, spices and techniques.

The next step in his journey was to move to Asia, where he ended up spending 6 years and traveled to over 60 cities. He was instrumental in making The Oak Door at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo the highest grossing outlet in the Hyatt portfolio, was the opening chef of the first Park Hyatt on mainland China and created American seafood concepts in Bangkok.

Since moving back to the United States, he did R&D for PFCB, Inc. and was the Director of International Development for Pei Wei Asian Diner.

He is the owner of Expanding Palates culinary consulting as well as involved with several Fast Casual restaurant concepts located in Arizona and Texas.


brad borchardt
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