Beer has a funny way of bringing people together.

Whether you’re celebrating a big promotion or unwinding after a long day,
there’s nothing better than someone giving you a cold one and putting it on their tab.
Buy a Buddy a BrewSM was created with this spirit in mind.

Next time you’re in the restaurant, tell our server you want to purchase a beer for a friend,
family member or even a complete stranger. You might even be surprised
what local athletes or celebrities will come in to claim their suds.  

Then the next time that person comes into the restaurant, have them
ask the server 
if their name is on the list. When their name is found,
a frosty pint will be delivered to their table in no time.


See, beer really can make the world a better place. For more details, ask your server.

buy a beer for a buddy

When you visit the restaurant, tell your server you would like to purchase a beer for a person of your choosing. Watch to see your names pop up on the screen!

buddy visits central kitchen

The next time that person comes into the restaurant, they will simply ask the server to look for their name on the list.

buddy claims their brew

When their name is found, an ice cold brew will be delivered on the spot.

repeat! repeat! repeat!

Pay it forward by buying a buddy a brew. Cheers!

buy your buddy a brew bar board

Ralphie Parker recommended Scut enjoy a Biltmore Blonde.

Dr Suess recommended the enjoy a Camelback IPA.

Charlie Brown recommended Frosty enjoy a Watermelon Ale.

Kevin McCalister recommended Harry enjoy a Watermelon Ale.

Roger Murtaugh recommended Martin enjoy a Biltmore Blonde.

Central Kitchen recommended Feliz enjoy a Phoenix Ale Seasonal.

Central Kitchen recommended Hoppy enjoy a Orange Peel IPA.

Rudolph Red-Nosed recommended Santa enjoy a Phoenix Ale Seasonal.

Gayla Peevey recommended the enjoy a King George Amber.

Simon Gruber recommended Jon enjoy a Phoenix Ale Seasonal.